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Ricardo Benjamín Salinas Pliego es un empresario mexicano, Fundador y Presidente de Grupo Salinas. Es un hombre cuyas convicciones y pensamiento se reflejan claramente en su obra así como en sus actividades empresariales. Es un hombre de familia, forjado en el valor del trabajo, la tenacidad, el esfuerzo y la pasión para alcanzar los sueños. Se considera un optimista nato.

Contador Público por el Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, cuenta con una Maestría en negocios por la Universidad de Tulane; sin embargo, no cree que los títulos académicos otorguen conocimiento por encima de la experiencia. Desde muy joven desarrolló su instinto empresarial en diversos negocios. Imposible es una palabra que no está en su diccionario.

Lector apasionado de la historia, sus personajes, el arte, la ciencia, la tecnología así como los negocios y finanzas, gusta de compartir sus intereses y no duda en manifestar su opinión sobre diversos temas de interés, como lo hace regularmente en su blog. Sus ideas las ha expuesto el Foro Económico Mundial de Davos, en The Young President’s Organization, The Economist Mexico Business Roundtable, el Instituto de las Américas, la Cámara de Comercio de los Estados Unidos, UCLA, TED, CAP, The Aspen Institute, The New York Forum, Universidad de Michigan, Universidad de Georgetown y la Escuela de Negocios de Harvard, donde usualmente trata asuntos relacionados con liderazgo, globalización, gobierno corporativo y las oportunidades en la base de la pirámide.

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  • Foto del blog "Esperanza Azteca reaches the White House"

    Esperanza Azteca reaches the White House

    The White House, the official residency of the President of the United States, is a venue where very few musicians have had the privilege to showcasing their talent. A group of children from Esperanza Azteca did just that on May 5 during the celebration of Mexico’s victory at the Battle of Puebla, 153 years ago.
  • Foto del blog "The Latent Dangers of Artificial Intelligence"

    The Latent Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

    I recently listened to a TED talk by Nick Bostrom, a Swedish philosopher who, among other things, specializes in the dangers of super-intelligence, which is the increasing possibility that an artificial creation possesses more intelligence than any human. Experts in artificial intelligence have yet to reach a consensus on when this dream –or nightmare- will happen. Let's take a look.
  • Foto del blog "Let’s Heed the Call of the Future"

    Let’s Heed the Call of the Future

    I recently had the honor of presenting my thesis for my Honoris Causa doctorate to Autonomous University of Guadalajara President Antonio Leaño Reyes, together with other members of the university community. I was also honored with the presence of Jalisco Governor Aristóteles Sandoval.
  • Foto del blog "Cloud Schools: an educational revolution"

    Cloud Schools: an educational revolution

    Some time ago I began to write a monthly article for Newsweek en Español and one of my first pieces dealt with educational innovation, a favorite topic. - See more at:
  • Foto del blog "Revealed Memory: a Graphic Reflection on Our History"

    Revealed Memory: a Graphic Reflection on Our History

    On April 29 we inaugurated the exhibit entitled Revealed Memory: The Emergence of Archaeological Photography in the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso. The exhibit features the work of French artist Claude Désiré Charnay (1828-1915), and for the first time brings together a selection of his photographs. These were the first photographs shot at archaeological sites in Mexico.
  • Foto del blog "The Great Degeneration"

    The Great Degeneration

    Recently, during the awards ceremony of Limpiemos Nuestro México 2013 cleanup campaign, I commented on the importance of collaboration between civil society, government, and companies to resolve serious problems that affect us all. Awareness and action are key to achieving the cultural change that Mexico needs to embark on, because "a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."
  • Foto del blog "Limpiemos Nuestro México: Strength is in our unity"

    Limpiemos Nuestro México: Strength is in our unity

    January 24 was a very important day for us. We concluded the 2013 Limpiemos Nuestro México cleanup campaign and held the corresponding awards ceremony. I can say that after five years of intensive work we are beginning to see concrete results.
  • Foto del blog "A Case for Cultural Change"

    A Case for Cultural Change

    Today is Teachers' Day in Mexico and it’s a good time to share a series of ideas that a friend and advisor, David Konzevik, presented during a conference on Mexico’s future, where he highlighted education of our youth as the cornerstone.
  • Foto del blog "2010, Year of Recovery and Consolidation of our Businesses"

    2010, Year of Recovery and Consolidation of our Businesses

    With the end of the old year and the beginning of the new, it's always worth stopping a minute to reflect on the environment, our strategies, actions, and results.
  • Foto del blog "Ciudad de las Ideas and the Origins of the Future"

    Ciudad de las Ideas and the Origins of the Future

    Grupo Salinas is a proud sponsor of Ciudad de las Ideas, a thinkers’ forum that is making its mark alongside the TEDs and the Aspen Ideas Festivals of the world.
  • Foto del blog "Let's change the world, an acorn at a time"

    Let's change the world, an acorn at a time

    A few years ago, my father shared with us, his children, the history of someone who wanted to change his environment, acorn by acorn. This is a story that teaches us that we all can considerably improve our world, step to step, without expecting either material assistance or applause.
  • Foto del blog "Employment also has Intangible Benefits"

    Employment also has Intangible Benefits

    One of the most interesting phenomena of our times is what my friend David Konzevik calls the “explosion of knowledge”; that is, the fact that new discoveries quickly make many of the previously considered concepts obsolete, creating an increasingly shorter life cycle for such knowledge.
  • Foto del blog "Bicentennial (4): Education, human capital is most"

    Bicentennial (4): Education, human capital is most

    The most important form of wealth is human capital, specifically, knowledge, effort, talent, intelligence… this is the only thing that counts.
  • Foto del blog "A tree is born from a small seed: Thank you for helping to clean up Mexico"

    A tree is born from a small seed: Thank you for helping to clean up Mexico

    Millions of Mexicans have participated in the second year of the Limpiemos Nuestro México campaign. There are plenty reasons to do so: starting with the thousands of places around the country were garbage is dumped.
  • Foto del blog "Esperanza Azteca"

    Esperanza Azteca

    I have always thought that education should form well-balanced individuals, and- by the way- this is the philosophy behind Plantel Azteca.
  • Foto del blog "The City of Ideas"

    The City of Ideas

    For decades we have been trying resolve Mexico’s long-standing problems - poverty, corruption, environmental degradation, organized crime, and low educational levels, among many others. In more than one sense, our country has stagnated and ideas are urgently needed to promote change.
  • Foto del blog "Slide:ology"


    No, it’s not a mistake. The title of this entry is taken from a book written by Nancy Duarte: Slide:ology, The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations.
  • Foto del blog "The Energy Monopoly"

    The Energy Monopoly

    t is very sad to see that Mexico has become dirty, neglected and strewn with garbage. Those of us who live here have to do something urgently. And we’re going to: next May 31st in the Limpiemos Nuestro México (Let’s Clean Up Our Mexico) campaign we’ve launched jointly with the SEMARNAT
  • Foto del blog "A City of Ideas "

    A City of Ideas

    Why do some companies survive crises while others don’t? Why are some economies more successful than others? The answers undoubtedly have to do with the capacity of each individual and of each organization to generate new ideas and solutions to increasingly complex problems.
  • Foto del blog "Learning"


    In summer 2006, Ken Robinson gave a magnificent lecture about learning and creativity at the TED forum called “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” I have always thought that the answer in most cases is “yes.” Robinson’s ideas should be considered by anyone with any interest in education and learning.
  • Foto del blog "Quick and Simple"

    Quick and Simple

    On June 4, I wrote about “The Tipping Point, a book by Malcolm Gladwell. Today, I’m going to talk about another one of his books, Blink, which refers to one of the fundamental values of Grupo Salinas: quick and simple.
  • Foto del blog "Plantel Azteca"

    Plantel Azteca

    Plantel Azteca is one of the Grupo Salinas projects I am proudest of. Thinking that a youngster with any kind of social background can hope to receive the best education if he or she applies him/herself makes me think that Mexico can have a bright future.
  • Foto del blog "Our Templo Mayor"

    Our Templo Mayor

    At Grupo Salinas, we are very concerned about and busy improving education in Mexico. We are aware of the very serious problems facing basic education in our country, and we must all contribute our grain of salt to improve its quality. The political class tells us that the country is spending more and more, but what we would all like to see are more and better results.
  • Foto del blog "Returning to My Alma Mater"

    Returning to My Alma Mater

    On April 10, I was swept up in the enthusiasm of more than a thousand potential young entrepreneurs. I must admit that for a few seconds it crossed my mind to skip this meeting because the day before I had been in Colombia and was still suffering from a cold. However, my commitment to young people, especially at my alma mater on same the campus where my son Benjamín studied, was more compelling than my discomfort.