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Ricardo Benjamín Salinas Pliego es un empresario mexicano, Fundador y Presidente de Grupo Salinas. Es un hombre cuyas convicciones y pensamiento se reflejan claramente en su obra así como en sus actividades empresariales. Es un hombre de familia, forjado en el valor del trabajo, la tenacidad, el esfuerzo y la pasión para alcanzar los sueños. Se considera un optimista nato.

Contador Público por el Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, cuenta con una Maestría en negocios por la Universidad de Tulane; sin embargo, no cree que los títulos académicos otorguen conocimiento por encima de la experiencia. Desde muy joven desarrolló su instinto empresarial en diversos negocios. Imposible es una palabra que no está en su diccionario.

Lector apasionado de la historia, sus personajes, el arte, la ciencia, la tecnología así como los negocios y finanzas, gusta de compartir sus intereses y no duda en manifestar su opinión sobre diversos temas de interés, como lo hace regularmente en su blog. Sus ideas las ha expuesto el Foro Económico Mundial de Davos, en The Young President’s Organization, The Economist Mexico Business Roundtable, el Instituto de las Américas, la Cámara de Comercio de los Estados Unidos, UCLA, TED, CAP, The Aspen Institute, The New York Forum, Universidad de Michigan, Universidad de Georgetown y la Escuela de Negocios de Harvard, donde usualmente trata asuntos relacionados con liderazgo, globalización, gobierno corporativo y las oportunidades en la base de la pirámide.
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  • Foto del blog "What’s Wrong With Wealth?"

    What’s Wrong With Wealth?

    My advisors assure me that defending millionaires is unpopular and politically incorrect. Nevertheless, the issue at hand is not about defending millionaires or billionaires in a senseless class struggle. Something greater is at stake, namely, the future that we envision.
  • Foto del blog "Year-end message to my colleagues at Grupo Salinas (2015)"

    Year-end message to my colleagues at Grupo Salinas (2015)

    It is time to reflect on what we learned in 2015 and what we can achieve in 2016.
  • Foto del blog "Winning Mindset"

    Winning Mindset

    In recent university talks on leadership and cultural change, I have emphasized mental constructions that have become formidable obstacles on the road to economic development.
  • Foto del blog "Renew or die"

    Renew or die

    I would like to share my recent contribution to the Mexican dailies El Financiero and El Horizonte. I hope you find it interesting.
  • Foto del blog "Attitudes and trends of the new consumer "

    Attitudes and trends of the new consumer

    In difficult times, we are increasingly seeing more examples of what my friend David Konzevik has called the expectation revolution.
  • Foto del blog "Clean Energy in Mexico"

    Clean Energy in Mexico

    I recently inaugurated the first wind farm in Jalisco, together with Jalisco Governor Aristóteles Sandoval, Mexican Energy Minister Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, the CEO of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) Enrique Ochoa Reza and Grupo Dragón CEO José Pablo Fernández. The wind farm is the first to be built at 2,500 meters above sea level in the Western Hemisphere and it will displace more than 79,000 tons of CO2 that would otherwise be spewed into the atmosphere with traditional power generation. The project is located in the community of Ojuelos in Los Altos.
  • Foto del blog "2010, Year of Recovery and Consolidation of our Businesses"

    2010, Year of Recovery and Consolidation of our Businesses

    With the end of the old year and the beginning of the new, it's always worth stopping a minute to reflect on the environment, our strategies, actions, and results.
  • Foto del blog "End of the Year message to my colleagues and coworkers at Grupo Salinas (2010)"

    End of the Year message to my colleagues and coworkers at Grupo Salinas (2010)

    The past few years have been complicated. The crisis that emerged with the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008 wiped out millions of business around the world and increased unemployment figures across the global.
  • Foto del blog "Employment also has Intangible Benefits"

    Employment also has Intangible Benefits

    One of the most interesting phenomena of our times is what my friend David Konzevik calls the “explosion of knowledge”; that is, the fact that new discoveries quickly make many of the previously considered concepts obsolete, creating an increasingly shorter life cycle for such knowledge.
  • Foto del blog "ZAG"


    You only have to walk or drive along a large avenue to be aware of the large amount of advertising billboards that jump out at you. Unfortunately, most of them are merely decorative displays since the consumer’s mind is unable to remember them. In contrast, a few remain engraved in consumers’ consciousness. This represents the difference between a successful brand name and one that fails. Why?
  • Foto del blog "Ten Key Rules to be Successful in Business "

    Ten Key Rules to be Successful in Business

    Since biblical times, the commandments have proven to be useful tools that allow us to always keep in mind the fundamental principles to guide our actions.
  • Foto del blog "Two Years"

    Two Years

    It was exactly two years ago that I began this space of reflection, and since then I have made over 100 posts on topics including business and industry, the economy, globalization, finance, education, values, sports, and a whole lot more.
  • Foto del blog "Prahalad and the Bottom of the Pyramid"

    Prahalad and the Bottom of the Pyramid

    On Friday, April 16, C.K. Prahalad passed away. Prahalad (1941-2010) was a distinguished professor at the University of Michigan and was also a consultant for some of the most important companies in the world.
  • Foto del blog "What does it feel like to be a “billionaire?”"

    What does it feel like to be a “billionaire?”

    Last week Forbes magazine published its famous list of ‘billionaires’. Very often when this list is published, I have been asked, what does it feels like to be a billionaire?
  • Foto del blog "The Snowball"

    The Snowball

    Many of you probably know of Warren Buffett as one of the two richest men in the world. However, more interesting are his personality and philosophy regarding business and markets.
  • Foto del blog "2009, A Year of Challenges and Achievements"

    2009, A Year of Challenges and Achievements

    It’s worth taking a few minutes to reflect on what we did in Grupo Salinas in 2009. It was a year of enormous challenges, but we shouldn’t forget that we also had important achievements.
  • Foto del blog "Year End Message to Grupo Salinas Employees (2009)"

    Year End Message to Grupo Salinas Employees (2009)

    The phrase from the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, a thinker who is not quoted much these days, summarizes what transpired in 2009.
  • Foto del blog "Kaizen"


    Raising company productivity is vital in a globalized world. A particularly important methodology I want to share today is called Kaizen, which means “change to improve” in Japanese.
  • Foto del blog "Tough Transport"

    Tough Transport

    Our motorcycles are the toughest nevertheless I dont advise you to ride them like this...
  • Foto del blog "Globalized Populism and Interest Rates"

    Globalized Populism and Interest Rates

    What irony! Globalization gives everybody an edge, even populists, do-gooders, and social-justice activists. These groups now announce the “failure of the capitalist system worldwide.”
  • Foto del blog "A License to Defraud"

    A License to Defraud

    For those who love to promote the U.S. system of financial market regulation, copy their laws down to the last comma, and lynch anybody who doesn’t agree, I would recommend they read this article. I’m curious to see how they will justify it in the columns they write and the lectures they give: do whatever you have to but, please, don’t blame Internet.
  • Foto del blog "The Monopoly of Money Issuance"

    The Monopoly of Money Issuance

    “Reach Perfection, no one is born that way. Perfect yourself daily, both personally, until you become a consummate being, rounding off your gifts and reaching eminence. Signs of the perfect person: elevated taste, a pure intelligence, a clear will, ripeness of judgment. Some people are never complete and are always lacking something. Others take a long time to form themselves. The consummate person – wise in speech, prudent in deeds – is admitted to, and even desired by, the singular society of the discreet.”
  • Foto del blog "The United States’ New “Public” Company"

    The United States’ New “Public” Company

    Three weeks ago I had a chance to give a talk at the ITAM about one of my favorite topics: the opportunities at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP). During the session, a topic of special interest came up: monopolies. This is a fundamental economic issue. In principle, we’re all against this kind of industrial organizations because they limit consumers’ options to the smallest possible range of choices.
  • Foto del blog "The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid"

    The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid

    A few months ago, I had the opportunity to participate on a panel alongside C.K.Prahalad, author of The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid.
  • Foto del blog "Lessons from Circuit City"

    Lessons from Circuit City

    In business, you need to make important decisions quickly and with the best information available. Many decisions involve taking risks with variables that are impossible to control. However, fear should not paralyze us, since together with risks are opportunities, and when we dont make a call, someone else will do it for us.
  • Foto del blog "One More Year of Achievements "

    One More Year of Achievements

    With or without recession, 2008 was a year full of achievements for Grupo Salinas, for example:
  • Foto del blog "Year-End Message to Coworkers at Grupo Salinas (2008)"

    Year-End Message to Coworkers at Grupo Salinas (2008)

    I would like to share part of the year-end message that I sent to my co-workers.
  • Foto del blog "The Next Banana Republic"

    The Next Banana Republic

    On June 10, in the note entitled “The Cobbler’s Children Go Unshod,” I extensively discussed the enormous problems caused by the fiscal irresponsibility of the outgoing U.S. presidential administration. The situation has deteriorated notably in just six months.
  • Foto del blog "A Solid Bank "

    A Solid Bank

    Banco Azteca celebrates six years of serving its clients, and in the course of doing so has become one of the most important and solid banks in Mexico.
  • Foto del blog "The Only Crisis Consists in not Wanting to Overcome it "

    The Only Crisis Consists in not Wanting to Overcome it

    The current global crisis will provide much to reflect upon in the years to come, and this column will not be the exception. This past October 6, for example, I mentioned that the Chinese character for crisis combines danger with opportunity. In this regard, I would like to share some ideas attributed to one of the most important thinkers of the 20th Century, Albert Einstein:
  • Foto del blog "Motorcycle Diaries "

    Motorcycle Diaries

    The motorcycle, or the ‘bike as many call it, has great potential in Mexico.
  • Foto del blog "Following the Words of Buffet "

    Following the Words of Buffet

    In these times of panic in the financial market, it is good to recall the words of the Sage of Omaha:
  • Foto del blog "Challenges and Opportunities in an Adverse Economic Situation"

    Challenges and Opportunities in an Adverse Economic Situation

    Unemployment is undoubtedly one of the consequences of the United States’ financial problems that will most affect society in the coming months. The U.S. banking crisis is making far fewer loans; and without sufficient credit, companies fave a difficult environment for operating and investing. At the same time, families are reducing consumption. These two parallel phenomena are creating a widespread economic recession.
  • Foto del blog "Customer Focus"

    Customer Focus

    One of the values that guides our companies is Customer Focus. Our corporate development is directly related to our capacity to increase their welfare. This applies to any economic activity.
  • Foto del blog "Nudist beach"

    Nudist beach

    “You only find out who has been swimming naked when the tide goes out. Well, we found out that Wall Street has been kind of a nudist beach.”
  • Foto del blog "Diagnosis and Transformation of a Continent"

    Diagnosis and Transformation of a Continent

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel just ended her first tour of Latin America in Mexico. This is the longest trip she has taken since she took office. Why so much interest in the region? Take a look at this comparative graph of macroeconomic highlights, banking penetration and telecommunications.
  • Foto del blog "The Black Swan"

    The Black Swan

    Two great pleasures in life are enjoying intelligent reading and sharing with others.
  • Foto del blog "Money: A Means or an End in Itself?"

    Money: A Means or an End in Itself?

    At the presentation I made two weeks ago to Tec students, the candidness with which a student asked me if an entrepreneur’s motivation should be money really caught my attention.
  • Foto del blog "Globalization and Human Capital"

    Globalization and Human Capital

    In a globalized world, it is natural and desirable for all resources to flow freely: capital, goods, technology and people. Truly liberal minds do not question this principle. However, in the United States, there is a disturbing trend to try to blame the current economic crisis on immigrants, particularly Hispanics, as this Wall Street Journal article cautions.
  • Foto del blog "A Lesson from Benjamin Franklin"

    A Lesson from Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin is remembered, among many other things, for having said that in banking you don’t earn the interest until you get back the capital.
  • Foto del blog "High Tech and High Touch"

    High Tech and High Touch

    Benjamin Franklin is remembered, among many other things, for having said that in banking you don’t earn the interest until you get back the capital. It’s a very simple idea. However, given the state of banking in Franklin ’s home country and its global impact, perhaps bankers should remember his words more often.
  • Foto del blog "More about Brazil"

    More about Brazil

    We know that Brazil is a gigantic market with an enormous low-end segment that opens up the possibility of doubling the size of Grupo Elektra operations. It is an opportunity we sought out, an opportunity that is there, and we have already taken the first step. But it will be a long journey and the challenges are enormous. We have to know the market thoroughly, adapt our systems and products, and hire and train thousands of people, to name a few of the challenges.
  • Foto del blog "The Profitability of Microfinance"

    The Profitability of Microfinance

    A debate is raging worldwide today about whether microfinance should be profitable or not. Personally, I believe that profitability is vital for the survival and growth of this development instrument.
  • Foto del blog "An Aztec in Brazil"

    An Aztec in Brazil

    Last week was very intense for Grupo Salinas in the international sphere. First, we inaugurated TV A
  • Foto del blog "An Aztec in Guatemala"

    An Aztec in Guatemala

    Last week was very intense for Grupo Salinas in the international sphere. First, we inaugurated TV Azteca operations in Guatemala, made possible by an alliance with Latitud TV. This expansion will allow us to take unparalleled entertainment and information options into thousands of Guatemalan homes through Channels 31 and 35 on broadcast television starting in May.